liniLED® Lighting Control Solutions

The liniLED® System is a concept which consists of high quality, flexible LED strips (IP20, IP40, IP68), stainless steel walkover and drive over lighting fixtures (IP68), LED based handrails (stainless steel, IP40/IP65) and various accessories. We complement the liniLED® System by offering the possibility to complete your lighting system with a (customised) lighting control solution.

The liniLED® Lighting Control System (LCS) can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial and residential spaces. Whether the lighting control system has to be integrated into an existing environment (light switch on the wall) or as part of emergency lighting (integrating with a building management system), there’s always a (customised) liniLED® solution available.

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6 Reasons why you should choose the liniLED® Lighting Control System

1. Absolute Control
The liniLED® Lighting Control System serves to provide the right amount of light where and when it’s needed. The system can also be integrated with the present Light and/or Building Management Systems.

2. User friendly
From a single user interface device, individual lights and/or groups can be controlled easily. You can use a wide variety of control protocols simultaneously to control the system e.g. simple button controls, 1-10 V, DMX, DALI and various network protocols.

3. Wireless control

Wireless lighting control systems provide many additional benefits. Besides reducing installation costs and having the freedom of placing switches and control gear wherever you like, you can control the system with a multiplatform e.g. smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows). In addition, we’ll make sure that you’ll get a customised, easy to use and intuitive user interface for mobile devices.

4. Energy efficient

The reduced energy consumption is one of the major benefits of an intelligent lighting control system. In combination with a LED based lighting system, the liniLED® Lighting Control System ensures a sustainable lighting solution.

5. Optimization of the liniLED® System
In combination with the liniLED® Lighting Control Solution, you can create a virtually endless amount of possibilities in terms of design, creativity and even safety.

6. Tailor made solutions
We understand the importance of custom made solutions. It is what makes us unique in the (LED) lighting industry. For instance, we are specialised in complex, dynamic lighting programs/applications.

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