The liniLED® assortment contains several LED strips, light fixtures and accessories. Due to the diversity and large amount of products, the liniLED® assortment has a wide range of applications: for each project is a solution available. To give you a better idea of the possibilities of our assortment, we have selected five profiles. Each profile can create a different kind of light effect.

Click on tabs below and be inspired!

Organic shapes

Using the liniLED® U-Profile it is possible to illuminate linear as well as organic shapes. However, the applications depends on the bending radius and the type of surface. Ask us about the specifications.

Cove lighting

Due to its light flexibility, the liniLED® U-Profile can be a great help when mouting LED strips in (round shaped) coves. Alternative: liniLED® Saddle

Linear lighting

The liniLED® Alu U-Profile is the aluminium version of the standard liniLED® U-Profile. Both profiles can create smooth, straight lines. The liniLED® Alu U-Profile is available in other anodised colours (on request).

Ideal mounting tool

The liniLED® Saddle (incl. tie wrap) is the ideal mounting tool when mouting liniLED® Top or Side LED strips on round shaped surfaces.

Small dimensions

The liniLED® Saddle is easy to use. Thanks to its small dimensions the saddle has a wide range of applications.

Diffuse light lines

Creat beautiful diffuse light lines with the Profiles Alu Low & High. It’s easy to mount the profiles using the related mountingclips. The image shows the low profile with a PCB LED strip. Naturally it’s also possible to apply the Top LED strips. The desired diffuse effect can be determined with the several diffuse Profilecaps.


The diffuse Profilecaps are also available in a clear version (see image). Finish the aluminium profiles with one of the several Endcaps. Click here to view all related accessories.

Big lines

The liniLED® Line Profile 20 mm and 40 mm offer the ideal solutions, when light lines are required in walls, facades, ceilings and even rooftops.


Depending on the desired light effect, you can choose between a diffuse or clear acrylic. Related accessories are the end caps and mountingclips. Other anodised colours available on request.

Indirect lighting

Create a subtle light effect with the Stair Profiles Indirect. Thanks to the design of the profile the light is directed onto the surface below instead of in our direct vision. Alternative:liniLED® Alu U-Profile

Directe verlichting

In cinema’s and theaters, for instance, it is of great importance steps are illuminated. Especially in the dark. By using the Stair Profiles Direct its easy (and fast) to create a secure environment. Available in silver and black. Other anodised colours are available on request.