Lighting controls have come a long way in these past couple of decades. Most of them were based on DALI – a standard that has served us well. But to fully realise the potential of today’s technology, a new approach is needed. And the answer is found in Casambi.

What is Casambi?

Casambi is a user friendly lighting control system. Lighting fixture(s) can be controlled with the wireless controller and the free Casambi App via your smart phone or tablet.

How does Casambi work?

Wireless via Bluetooth
The wireless Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The technology provides a so called ´mesh´ network, where all the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node. The result is a secure system with no single points of failure. After a one-time configuration with the WiFi network you no longer need an internet connection to control your lighting fixtures.

The instructions of the app are translated into signals with the use of the required hardware. Think of modules and drivers, such as the liniLED® Dim 4 Casambi LED driver. As soon as the hardware is activated you can start setting your preferences!

What are the possibilities?

The Casambi system can be controlled with (wireless) controllers and the free Casambi App. The Casambi App offers a lot of possibilities and extra features. For instance, it’s possible to create groups in which you can switch, dim or change lighting colours of multiple lighting fixtures at the same time! In addition, you can set scenes for specific situations. A good example is office lighting that can be adjusted to stimulate the concentration (or moment of relaxation) of employees. By using another handy feature of the Casambi App, the timer, scenes can be activated at set times.

To learn more about all possibilities visit the Casambi website:

Note: The wireless Casambi controller will be included in our assortment in the future. Visit the Casambi website for more information about the wireless controller.

Why choose Casambi?

– Easy installation
– Wireless via Bluetooth
– Secure and stable connection
– No internet connection required
– User friendly control app (free!)
– Controllable via app and controller
– Many control options (scenes, timer, animations, etc.)
– Easy to integrate in existing infrastructures
– Suitable for various driver profiles (single colour, tunable white, RGB and RGBW)