Life without LED lighting is difficult to imagine nowadays. Due to the durable, energy efficient and low maintenance features, LED has become an essential element in today’s future. The demand for LED based lighting solutions continues and each and every industry has its own specific requirements. The maritime industry, for instance, is subject to severe hazardous and corrosive environments. As each yacht, cruise ship or other vessel is unique, it is inevitable to create custom made solutions to withstand the most critical weather conditions. Naturally this not only applies on the maritime industry, but also on e.g. hospitality, architecture, retail, landscaping, etc. Furthermore the climate conditions and local rules and guidelines play an enormous important role for every single (liniLED®) solution.

We continue where others stop
“We feel proud and privileged that we are seen as the ideal partner, when searching for high end, innovative and tailor made LED solutions”, says Triolight’s Managing Director, Mr. Jorden Boer. “Thanks to the internal and external synergy between the various goal driven departments, Triolight is able to respond within a short amount of time. We continue where others stop and that’s what makes us both different and distinctive”.

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