A new DEKRA test shows that the Diffuse LED strips can be installed in depths of more than 50 metres. In addition, the Diffuse range is granted with the highest protection available: IP69K. This not only means that the Diffuse strips are dust-tight and protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water (>50 metres), but also that they can withstand high pressure cleaning!



Dust-tight, no ingress of dust. Protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.


What is IP69K?

The IP69K rating is the highest protection available. The IP69K rating provides protection against ingress of dust and close-range, high-pressure and high-temperature spray downs.

What are the advantages?

Products that carry the IP69K rating are ideal for facilities where hygiene and cleanliness are critical. IP69K rated products are proven to be durable and resistant against water, chemicals, high pressure and high temperatures associated with demanding cleaning and safety measures.

How does a product achieve IP69K rating?

In order to bear an IP69K rating, the product must endure rigorous procedures to test protection against penetration of high-pressure, high-temperature water and dust. For instance, the product is placed on a turntable that rotates every 12 seconds (5 rpm), while spraying 176 F (80°C) water from 4-6 inch (10-15 cm) at a flow rate of 4 gal (15 liter) per minute. This is called the water intrusion test. The water pressure is between 1160-1450 psi (80-100 bar) and is sprayed at angles of 0, 30, 60, and 90 degrees for 30 seconds each.
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The Diffuse LED strip range comes standard with the special IP68 mirror welded connector.