Hedtec Lighting is specialised in creating high-end lighting solutions for sectors, such as construction and maritime. With a large network of architects, electrical consultants, interior designers and (industrial) manufacturers, Hedtec Lighting has become an important player on the Finnish and Estonian market. One of the latest projects, is the construction of a series Mein Schiff cruise ships for the well-known German company: TUI Cruises. For the illumination of these cruise ships, Hedtec Lighting have made use of the liniLED® System.

The lighting assortment of Hedtec Lighting contains selected high-quality, European lighting products which are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. The company focuses on economic efficiency and the increasing environmental demands. Therefore Hedtec Lighting only offers high-quality luminaries and control systems with the latest technologies, such as the liniLED® System.

Hedtec Company belongs to the Hedengren Group; one of the oldest companies in Finland (established in 1918).

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Website: www.hedtec.fi