In the last years, Klemko (liniLED® distributor in The Netherlands), has built a strong and reliable name in the (light) engineering sector. For decades, the company supplies innovative products in motion detectors, connection methods, LED lighting and Domotics. In addition, Klemko ensures the knowledge of its partners is maintained by organising training courses for the engineers, wholesalers and consultants. Recently Klemko even opened a brand new centre, called the Klemko LED Application Centre (KLAC).

Klemko created several settings in the KLAC, such as a restaurant, office, store and living area. All different settings are featured with the latest developments of LED, motion detectors, domotics and connection methods.

With an area of more than 400 m², the KLAC is the perfect location for wholesalers, engineers and consultants to experience the various light possibilities with their customers. By using smart solutions such as motion detectors, daylight dependant and motion dependant dimming, enormous cost reductions can be achieved without consolidating in comfort and experience.

In addition to the light and energy efficiency, the KLAC provides engineers good examples of how to install several LED fixtures and sensors.

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