During Europe’s largest lighting exhibition, Light+Building, we presented the latest developments of the liniLED® System! In addition to an extended LED strip program, the liniLED® assortment is complemented with a complete new profile range and brilliant lighting fixtures. Due to the collaboration with Dutch lighting control specialist, Maarten Donath, we now also offer our clients custom made lighting control solutions.

SideComplete LED strip assortment
The high quality, flexible liniLED® LED strip assortment is extended with new LED strips. The white colours are available from 2400K up to 6500K (2000K will follow). This not only applies to the already known PCB, Top and Side LED strips, but also to the new liniLED® Top Diffuse and Side Diffuse LED strips.

liniLED® Aeris: profile vs. lighting fixture
The durable, walk over liniLED® Aeris Profile range is supplemented with new varieties. In addition to the L20 (20×19 mm), the profile is now also available in H20 (20×37.5 mm), L30 (30×19 mm) and H30 (30×37.5 mm). By making use of the PCB and Top LED strips in combination with clear of diffuse covers, amazing light effects can be realised. The liniLED® Aeris Profile is also available as IP67 lighting fixture.

liniLED® Forta
The liniLED® Forta (IP68) is developed to create diffuse light lines. These casted light lines made from stainless steel are walk over and drive over, making them ideal for public applications.

NOTE: The liniLED® Forta replaces the liniLED® PU (H) profiles.

Lighting Control
How great would it be if you could order a complete lighting system with a lighting control solution? Thanks to the collaboration with Dutch lighting control specialist, Maarten Donath, we’ve now made that possible!

Due to his many years of experience, knowledge and expertise, Maarten creates control solutions with sensors, switches, interfaces and integration in Building Management Systems. In addition to computer systems and media players, it’s even possible to obtain custom made applications and user interfaces (wired or wireless). Strictly using hardware of Visual Productions, a leading Dutch manufacturer of software and hardware technology, we guarantee the best possible lighting control results of the highest quality.