liniLED® Displays & Panels
To provide customers with the full liniLED® experience, the liniLED® assortment is complemented with a variety of demo material. The liniLED® displays & panels, for instance, show the different colours and luminous intensities of the liniLED® LED strips. Ideal for stores, showrooms, etc.

liniLED® Demo Sets
In addition to the displays & panels, the liniLED® assortment also contains small, compact suitcases. The liniLED® Demo Sets, for example, are a perfect tool to introduce (new) customers with the high-quality, flexible liniLED® LED strips. Available with a liniLED® Top or Side LED strip in several colours and luminous intensities.

liniLED® Inspiration Case
Would you rather experience the highlights of the entire liniLED® assortment? Then the liniLED® Inspiration Case is the perfect solution! In this handy, compact suitcase you’ll find several liniLED® LED strips and profiles, as well as a liniLED® Wall Panel, RGB Demo Power Supply, liniLED® Demo Controller, new liniLED® Top IP68 Kit, etc.

liniLED® Handrail Case
New in the assortment is the liniLED® Handrail Case. This handy suitcase contains a beautiful demo of the liniLED® Handrail (Ø42.4 mm), a power plug and a liniLED® Handrail brochure. Depending on the desired colour and luminous intensity, the required liniLED® Top LED strip is pre-mounted in the handrail.

NOTE | The liniLED® Handrail Case is available on request. Apply for your liniLED® Handrail Case and go directly to the nearest distributor.