Triolight is worldwide known as a manufacturer of innovative LED lighting: liniLED®. In the past 10 years Triolight continuously managed to improve its liniLED® products. With a good network of electrical wholesalers, dealers and distributors, our liniLED® products are available worldwide.

Triolight considers quality not just as a philosophy. Quality is strongly embedded in all our processes: from research and development to production and distribution. We only aim to cooperate with partners that meet the highest standards in the industry, like OSRAM and DEKRA who keep an exceptionally high quality standard in their production process. This has resulted in a perfect colour binning and a maximum life time of the LED lights. Products of liniLED® meet international standards and have standard 2 year warranty. We also make sure that our liniLED® products are certified by institutions like KEMA.

Triolight’s strong drive for innovation enables us to find new solutions and continuously manages to improve its products in a number of areas. At the same time, we protect our leading knowledge through patents.

liniLED® is a quality, flexible LED strip system. The system consists of LED strip connectors, profiles, power and control. The combination of high quality and high flexibility (bending radius> 30mm) allows endless applications. liniLED® can be used both indoors and outdoors, functional or decorative. Our unique co-extrusion technology guarantees a high light output. liniLED® is available in PCB, Top- and Side emitting.