Establised in 1962, Beerens shoe store in Tilburg (the Netherlands) is known for its exclusive shoe assortment and luxurious brands. What started with a dream of father, Frits Beerens, has now grown into a beautiful, luxurious shoe store which is nowadays run by son and owner, Roland Beerens. He recently opened a second establishment, named after his daughter Beau. Beau Beerens shoe store offers a wide range of exclusive footwear of many prestigious top brands, high quality shoes and matching fashion accessories. The original Beerens shoe store focusses solely on the high segment of kids shoes with the new name: Beerens Kids.

“The shoes in our store must have a sophisticated look”, says Beerens. “This look is accomplished by the liniLED® LED strips, which are installed underneath the shelves. Due to the incredible (day)light effect, a customer is more likely to purchase an item sooner.” But before Beerens found the perfect light solution in the liniLED® LED strips, a long process of testing various lighting fixtures of several suppliers took place. “The interior design of the store is extremely modern, but finding the ultimate shelf lighting caused most of our headaches”, Beerens explains. Eventually one of Beerens’ acquaintances told him about Klemko, the Dutch distributor of liniLED®. As the exclusive Dutch distributor of liniLED®, Klemko introduced Beerens to the flexible, high quality liniLED® LED strips. To determine the right LED strip colour, several lighting experiences and colour effects were tested in the KLAC, the Klemko LED Application Centre. As a result, a total of 180 meters of liniLED® PCB (4000K) was installed underneath the shelves. Today Beau Beerens’ shoe collection looks sophisticated and amazing as ever.

Design: RvO Design
Installation: DM Service en Montage
Distributor: Klemko
Photographer: Nico Brons

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Source: Klemko

Category: Retail

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