Chrobrego Park in Gliwice illuminated with liniLED® Forta and liniLED® Aeris

Park Chrobrego in the Polish city Gliwice has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Park Chrobrego is now one of the most attractive locations in the city for relaxation and active recreation. On hot summer days visitors can spend plenty of quality time in this modernised park.

For this project liniLED® Forta S Warm White 3000K is used for the casted PU light lines in the ground. The diffuse LED lines in stainless steel profiles (AISI 316L) are perfectly suited for public applications. In the standing LED pillars liniLED® Aeris Warm White 3000K Power has been used.

Lighting design: Spectra Lighting
Architect: Visio Architects

Category: Architecture

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