Befittingly located next to the historic Union House on the Dubai waterfront, the 25,000 m2 Etihad Museum is focused on honouring the founding story of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1971. Inspired by the Unification Agreement, the Museum is designed by the Canadian Moriyama & Teshima Architects in the shape of a manuscript. The seven leaning columns represent the pens that signed the declaration of the UAE constitution. Moriyama & Teshima Architects explains:

“The dramatic entrance pavilion rests lightly upon a reflecting pool and plaza. The undulating parabolic curves represent the parchment upon which the unification agreement was written. The tapering golden columns represent the pens with which the document was signed in 1971.”

A great part of the museum is built underground, including permanent and temporary galleries, theatres, event spaces and archival facilities. Moriyama & Teshima Architects continues:

“Light wells of varying shapes and sizes illuminate the expansive underground spaces. Which in turn lead to the circular Union House and the recreated Guest House, where the leaders of the seven member emirates resided during negotiations. The surrounding landscape treatment includes the re-establishment of the original 1971 shoreline of Jumeirah Beach, which is represented by a reflecting pool and sandy beachfront.”

Thanks to one of the liniLED® partners in the Middle East, Debbas Electric LLC, our tailored indoor and outdoor LED solutions were included in this stunning landmark.

Main image courtesy of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, Aasiya Jagadeesh and Debbas Electric LLC.

Main contractor : Al Shafar General Contracting
EPC contractor : Debbas Electric LLC
MEP consultant : CH2M
MEP contractor : Al Shafar United
Lighting consultants : Umaya Lighting Design, Consullux

Category: Architecture

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