liniLED® project

What originally started as a design for a small studio and basement workshop, evolved in a complete redesign of the house. Keen Architects’ design goal was to initiate a better lifestyle for its client, which was based on family interaction and entertainment.

In the 50’s and 80’s the house had its first renovations. Several areas were extended, but unfortunately led to the reduction of natural light and visual interaction with the backyard. Keen Architects rectified this by creating new living spaces with skylights, light wells and a large expansion of the north facing glass. By combining honed marble, timber, polished concrete and black steel details, the old and new areas of this modern family’s house is perfectly balanced.
Thanks to lighting designer and liniLED® partner, Radiant Lighting, various elements in the house were highlighted with liniLED® LED strips.

Lighting Designer: Radiant Lighting
Designer: Keen Architects
Builder: Tallwood Constructions

Category: Residential

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