Located in the Haarlemmermeer (The Netherlands), Hotel Schiphol has put the renovation plans in motion to prepare itself for the future. An integral part of the renovation is the replacement of halogen lighting. René van de Groep, Head of the Technical department at Hotel Schiphol, was assigned to replace the halogen lighting by equivalent lamps in 240 hotel rooms. Initially the idea was to complete the replacement with PL lighting. However, during various tests the lighting experience with PL remained substandard. Eventually they decided to switch to LED lighting.

Klemko can supply us with LED lighting that meets our requirements. In addition, we can rely on the specified advices per type of room (ed. standard, double, luxurious and suite).’

Thus, in the Comfort Plus room they paid special attention to the lighting. For instance, the bath room lighting should be as natural as possible to provide a ´normal´ light for the face and skin of the guest. Therefore the natural white (4000 Kelvin) Klemko LED strips were installed.

liniLED® in the Top Suite
In addition to the several types of guest rooms, the suites also have their own design. The Top Suite is top of the bill. The spacious room contains a large, freestanding jacuzzi. Above the tub an annular cove is mounted with liniLED® Side RGB LED strip. The lighting colour of the liniLED® LED strip can be controlled remotely from the suite hall.

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