Since its U.S. market debut in 1989, Lexus has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality products and exemplary customer service. Renowned for the superior reliability of its vehicles, Lexus is the luxury hybrid leader, offering hybrids that combine innovative technology and premier luxury. Today, the organisation has grown into more than 90 markets with dealers all over the world.

Lexus Italy
Our journey with Lexus started when the selected furniture contractor, Ar.Ve. Srl, asked our partner and Italian lighting design consultancy, Arkilux, to come up with lighting solutions for a new roll-out concept across Italy. Adhering to the Lexus brief, they were looking for a high quality, energy saving lighting solution for their new concept renovations. The answer was found by Arkilux in our liniLED® System.

Consultation offices
The Lexus dealers in Ferrara and Milan were the first two branches to be completed. Both used the liniLED® Top RGB LED strips to illuminate the ceiling panels in the private consultation offices. They combined the RGB LED strips with the liniLED® High Power 3000K and 4000K LED strips to create a beautiful coloured perimeter with a subtle white centre.

Showroom vs. benefits of LED

To add some colour in the showroom areas, they installed liniLED® Top RGB LED strips in several coffers and coves. In the same finish and colour choosing of the showroom, they also integrated liniLED® Top High Power 3000K and 4000K LED strips to accent the shaped ceiling panels. By combining both colour temperatures with a DMX control system, the salesperson now has the possibility to select the desired colour temperature to enhance the colours and finishes of the various materials/accessories to choose from.

Due to the success of the integrated liniLED® LED lighting in these locations, all other Lexus dealers in Italy will follow e.g. Varese, Pisa, Pescara, Torino, Cesena, etc.

Lighting design concept: Lexus
Lighting design consultancy: Arkilux
Photographer: Piero Comparotto

Category: Retail

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