Located in the Sheraton Grand Hotel at the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Novikov Restaurant & Bar is one of Dubai’s hottest restaurants. Known for its chic clientele, dynamic menu and elegant atmosphere, Novikov is the brainchild of Russian entrepreneur and restaurateur Arkadiy Novikov. He is also responsible for the success of the Novikov restaurants in London and Moscow.

Eclectic inspiration
The 13,000 square metre restaurant has two levels where guests can enjoy an eclectic Asian- inspired menu from Japan, China and across South-East Asia. The open kitchen is encircles by four areas comprising of a Bar & Lounge, Sushi Counter, Main Dining Room and, last but not least, the Mezzanine Private Dining Room.

Intriguing atmosphere
The combination of the breathtaking high ceilings, granite walls, natural leather, cracked stone and jade, creates an intriguing atmosphere; the famous trademark of Novikov. By adding the correct (LED) lighting, such as the liniLED® LED strips, the characteristic features of the contemporary interior are highlighted.


This liniLED® project has been made possible by our partner, Extra Ordinary Lighting LLC (XO).

Category: Hospitality

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