Meyer Turku Oy shipyard (former STX Finland Oy) is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in Europe. The shipyard has specialised in building cruise ships, car- passenger ferries and vessels with special technical requirements.

At this moment, a series of cruise ships are built for the well-known German company: TUI Cruises. The first cruise ship of this series, Mein Schiff 3, has already been delivered. The second one, Mein Schiff 4, will leave the shipyard around the spring of 2015. After Mein Schiff 4 has been delivered, two more cruise ships will be built to complete the Mein Schiff series.

liniLED® LED strips
To provide the passengers with the best possible view without any light disturbance, the deck of Mein Schiff 3 is illuminated with liniLED® LED strips. More than 1,000 metres of liniLED® Side Warm White 3000K PSP (Power Short Pitch) is installed into the lower part of the glass railing. By installing the liniLED® LED strips into this part of the railing, the deck is provided with the required amount of light to secure a safe environment for the passengers. Also, the visibility of the cruise ship is more noticeable for other vessels.
Besides the glass railing, the well known TUI logo on the large chimney is illuminated with liniLED® Side Red Deco LED strips.

Especially for this project, Triolight developed custom made liniLED® IP68 Gel Kit.

In addition to Mein Schiff 3, the liniLED® LED lighting will be installed on Mein Schiff 4.

Distributor: Hedtec Lighting

Category: Maritime

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