Van den HOOGEN engineering is a Dutch electrotechnical company with many clients in retail, utility, housing and manufacturing. Based on the function of the room, a fitting ambiance has been created by adding liniLED® Top Deco and liniLED® Side Deco.

By connecting the home automation system to the liniLED® RGB/Dim Controller, the lighting can be managed very easily; comfort and efficiency were one of the main goals during this project.
Thanks to the dimmability of liniLED® the desired atmosfere was created in the management area, the canteen and the Eric Kuster Experience Room.

The following liniLED® products were used during the project: RGB/Dim Controller, liniLED® Natural White 4000K Deco, liniLED® Side Warm White 3000K Deco, liniLED® Side RGB Deco, liniLED® Top Warm White 3000K Deco and liniLED® Top RGB Deco.

Category: Architecture

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