liniLED® Handrail 48.3 mm [m]

European quality, design & manufacturing
Durable materials, stainless steel (AISI 316)
Energy efficient & dimmable
Expected lifetime > 50,000 hours
Indoor & outdoor
Designed for quick & easy installation
Astonishing light effect without interruption
High quality, flexible liniLED® Top LED strips
Various luminous intensities and lighting colours
Available in several shapes

Product description

liniLED® Handrail 48.3 mm [m]

The liniLED® Handrail (IP40/IP65) is a revolutionary LED based handrail system, which has the same light benefits as a LED fixture: energy efficient with an expected lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. By integrating the liniLED® Top LED strip in the stainless steel liniLED® Handrail (AISI 316), the product is ideal for high-end indoor and outdoor projects in various sectors, such as: architecture, infrastructure, construction, health and the entertainment industry.

The liniLED® Handrail can be wall mounted or post mounted. All liniLED® Handrail components are designed for quick and easy installation and maintenance. In case of post mounting it is possible to install the liniLED® Handrail with several infill options, e.g. glass, cables, railings, etc. The maximum unit length is 6 metres.

Learn more about the mounting options, (customized) angles, the procedure and other options in the liniLED® Handail brochure.

The liniLED® Handrail is available in several shapes: rectangular, square and round (42.4 mm and 48.3 mm). All types can be applied indoor and outdoor. However, the round 48.3 mm is recommended for outdoor projects.

Article number: 12016 liniLED® Handrail 48.3 mm [m]