liniLED® Side Mirror Welded Connector

Made in Europe
Waterproof (IP68 for Side LED strips, IP69K for Side Diffuse LED strips)
UV, cleaning, frost, seawater & chlorine resistant
Plug & Play
5 years warranty

Product description

liniLED® Side Mirror Welded Connector

The liniLED® System is completed with the liniLED® Accessories. By offering a complete range of ‘Plug & Play’ products, the liniLED® System is user friendly and easy to compose for your project.

We offer the unique possibility to provide selected liniLED® Side LED strips with a so-called ‘mirror welded connector’. The mirror welded connector allows an immediate IP68 waterproof solution of the Side LED strip and even an IP69K solution for the Side Diffuse LED strips. The strip is pre-connected to the connector, so that it can be installed straight away.

Article number: 11291 liniLED® Side Mirror Welded Connector