liniLED® Top Connector Set 1 m

Made in Europe
Plug & Play
Easy to connect Top LED strips
Available in 1 and 5 metre lengths
5 years warranty

Product description

liniLED® Top Connector Set 1 m

The liniLED® System is completed with the liniLED® Accessories. By offering a complete range of ‘Plug & Play’ products, the liniLED® System is user friendly and easy to compose for your project.

The liniLED® Top LED strips can be pre-assembled with the mirror welded connector (11290) for a direct waterproof (IP68 submersible) usage. In addition, the strips can be connected with the liniLED® Top Connector Set (1 m: 11200, 5 m: 11201) for an IP40 solution or in combination with the liniLED® Top IP67 Kit (11490) for an IP67 solution.

Article number: 11200 liniLED® Top Connector Set 1 m