Looking for a light source that can shift colours with the latest trends, themes, the four seasons or simply the mood of the day? All is possible with the new liniLED® PCB RGBW LED strips!

The RGB LED strips are provided with three LED’s for the colours red, green and blue. By ´mixing´ these colours you can create the colour white. The RGBW LED strips consist of a total of four LED’s of which one LED is for white light. The result is a versatile LED strip that can produce a beautiful, pure white light as well as the most diverse bright colours and pastel shades!

Available in two variations
The liniLED® RGBW LED strip is 10×2 mm and available in two variations. The strips come with double sided 3M tape on the back and can be mounted in the Aeris profiles (for a diffuse light effect). Naturally, the RGBW LED strips are dimmable and can be controlled with our extensive control range.


LED strip Product code Power Output Efficiency
PCB 3000K RGBW 700 12171 9.8 W/m 697 lm/m 71 lm/W
PCB 3000K RGBW 1300 12172 17.9 W/m 1293 lm/m 70 lm/W