Speed Breeding with LED Lamps Cuts Crop Growth Time by Half

Scientists have found a method to grow wheat twice as fast compared to the speed during standard approaches. With this “Speeding breeding” technique the new seeds will be more affordable, more nutritious and more productive, so as to feed the rapidly-growing population globally.

The research team mainly uses LED lights that can emit blue and red light that plants needs for photosynthesis. By contrast, the majority of labs and greenhouses use sodium vapor lamps, which are similar to street lights. According to the research team’s director, Dr. Brande Wulff, most of the yellow and green light that sodium vapor lamps emit does not facilitate the plants to grow, while specialised LED lamps can provide the exact light that plants’ photosynthesis needs. In the John Innes Centre for plant research locating in Norwich, UK, the researchers use LED lamps to offer light to the plants for 22 hours per day and provide rich hydroponics nutrient solution to the plants. With this new technique it only takes 8 weeks for a full wheat generation cycle to complete instead of the usual 4 to 5 months – using less less energy, less chemical fertilizers and providing more nutrients.

Source: LED inside