Tick tock, biological clock

Light affects our body and mind. It gives us energy, increases our productivity and relaxes us. The lighting colour and intensity play an important role. The ´colder´ the light, the more active we become.

Artificial lighting vs. biological clock
Most of the day we are surrounded by artificial lighting. This kind of light often has one intensity and one lighting colour and does not correspond with the course of natural light. Various studies have shown that this form of artificial lighting has a negative effect on our biological clock.

Tunable (Warm) White
By replacing artificial lighting for Tunable White LED lighting this problem can be solved. A well integrated and arranged lighting system can simulate the course of natural light. You can even create moments of high concentration or relaxation during the day to optimize the performance, concentration and well-being of employees.

Complete solution
The liniLED® System offers a complete solution. In addition to intelligent control systems, mounting options and power supplies, the assortment counts a wide range of Tunable White 2700K-6500K LED strips. Recently the assortment has been extended with Tunable Warm White 2200K-3500K LED strips. Thanks to its warm and welcoming lighting colours this LED strip is ideal for lighting solutions in hotels, restaurants, theatres and living areas.